Impact Outlook is a concept developed by Impact House and as such the first of its kind in the world. Even though we are familiar with various forecasts and outlooks for our economic or ecological activity, a document focusing on impact, to the best of our knowledge, has not been developed yet.

The main goal of our work in general, as well as in creating this document, is contributing to the professionalization of impact management and thus increased social responsibility and impactful positive social change generated by all stakeholders.

In this document, we have purposely moved away from the most common impact topics of 2022 even though we recognize that, for example, climate change is the core existential issue of the decade; we recognize atrocities of migration and conflict as a humanitarian crisis, as well as related energy safety and pricing concerns. Keeping in mind that most of the existing outlooks and forecasts are dealing with such issues, we decided to inspire and challenge the impact community to consider additional important social challenges.