The story about Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is more than just ice cream

About Ben and Jerry’s

Ben and Jerry’s is known as one of the most ethical and socially responsible companies in existence today. Also, the company views on a design from a system perspective by weighing the costs to the firm compared to the cost to society. It is not such a small undertaking for a local ice cream company to launch a global initiative to save the world, gathering millions of community activists that are passionate and also consumer loyalists. The owners of Ben and Jerry’s company established an image of the brand as a multi–channel brand that redefined business ethics. Every aspect of Ben and Jerry’s operations has a goal to solve the larger issues, such as their concern for the environment, benefits for their
employees, or fair wage pay. Regarding this company, they use their positions to influence changes in many areas such as voting rights, racial justice, LGBTQ rights, climate justice, etc. The company believes that business has a responsibility and also an opportunity to change the world. This company had several phases of restructuring and growth in its era, but Ben and Jerry’s is probably the world’s foremost ambassador for brand marketing.

The ethical approach of the company
Talking about ice cream’s design, this company realizes the importance of creating packaging that will reduce negative impacts on the environment. The boxes used for the ice cream bars are made of 100% post-consumer recycled paperboard. The ice cream company has invested heavily in energy-efficient technology which includes waste management systems, cooling, lighting, and water. The company is also taking care of destruction and waste. This company has always been focused on the communities in which they serve, so for example in the UK they have a bus that travels through the streets during festivals, selling ice cream, and the gained profits are used to support charitable causes in the local community such as “Trees for Cities”.

The growth of social responsibility when talking about companies

Social responsibility has been growing and becoming more and more popular. People – consumers are becoming more concerned about the environment and how each company is dedicated outside just their production. For example, the company that also changed in the “go green” area is Starbucks company. After so many years they brought out recycling garbage into their stores and would offer old ground-up coffee beans to consumers to compost. More and more companies are becoming more socially and environmentally friendly each day. When companies choose to produce environmentally and ethically sound products, it isn’t only the climate and the community that benefit. It is also an extremely forward-looking business and marketing tactic as well. The world changes more to a green aware, and environmentally concerned society, consumers will be much more likely to buy these kinds of “green-sensitive” products. When a company chooses to recreate and advertise their production practices towards a more environmentally beneficial system, it does not benefit just the environment but also often their consumer demand.

How important ice cream can be?
In July 2021 Ben and Jerry’s company announced that it was ending sales in the Israeli – occupied territories, opening this topic as one of the most contentious debates. As the company said, they believe it is inconsistent with their values for their products to be sold in the Israeli-occupied territories. The company emphasized that it was not boycotting the country as a whole. They said “we will stay in Israel”, just withdrawing from markets in the West Bank. Ben and Jerry’s is a brand that has always brought together a distinctly liberal population – U.S. market. Their consumers have criticized the company’s leadership for years for ignoring the Palestinian problem, so stopping the sale of ice cream on these territories is not a completely unexpected decision. Israeli politicians saw the decision as a rather severe blow, so the new Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said that the company is now branded as an anti – Israel ice cream. Interestingly, the company is not planning to stop selling ice cream in Israel.

The tenets of conscious capitalism
It is clear that the owners of the ice cream company Cohen and Greenfield were not just in the company to make a profit. They defined very clearly conscious objectives in Ben and Jerry’s company mission, and they continued to focus on them to this day. This company has made big efforts to support activism and community organizing, for environmental and social justice around the country. Many of their special editions of ice creams are focused on creative awareness

The owners of Ben and Jerry’s were conscious leaders from the beginning. The SEAR Report (2018) includes a letter from CEO McCarthy who said that he thinks the people of Ben and Jerry’s must raise their ambitions, double their efforts, and amplify their positive impact around the world in new ways. Also, they emphasized that an important aspect of conscious leadership is the focus on us rather than me which is very important. The mission of this company is to engage its employees in philanthropy and social change work and to support activism and community organizing for environmental and social justice. Their whole ecosystem of stakeholders is very involved. Their approach to philanthropy empowers their employees to make decisions on progressive issues by serving in action teams and employee committees. Ben and Jerry’s also believe that people who are affected by the problems are the best people to determine how to use the grants for solutions. This company has an independent board of directors to expand and preserve its social mission.

The importance of Ben and Jerry’s philosophy
All in all, the story of this company proves that it’s worth it to use your products to support important issues and causes, even if you’re risking losing some of the customers. And this is what many companies are not brave enough to do these days. And this is exactly what makes this company stand out with all of the attempts, whether good or bad, to make the world a better place. Although one can think about all this, this company needed to have the courage to get involved in something this important, and there will always be mistakes that will happen, but the most important thing is to try to do something different – something that will not just only bring the profit to the company, but also the benefits for the whole world and people.

Peace, love & Ice – cream!