Impact house

Social Impact Management and Measurement

As a social enterprise and a leader in the field of social impact, we dedicate significant time and expertise to plan, manage and measure our own impact. This means that as a partner we guarantee you are contributing to significant internal positive social impact, a work environment where people, environment, partners and supply chains are considered and treated fairly. We also guarantee that, when working with us, you are contributing to the significant positive social impact that we generate in systems and communities we work with, measuring and managing and planning its increase. The pillars of our impact culture are:

  • We do what we preach – Impact House as an expert organisation in the field of social impact – positive social change plans, innovates, manages and measures social impact it generates both externally in working with our clients and partners, and internally as impact business culture we ensure in our company
  • We are interested in systematic change – working with large systems such as governments and corporations means that we impact significant change but also that we have a specific methodology for measuring it. We as professionals have an imperative of respecting the ecosystems we work with, for large systems this means respect for slow and inductive change
  • We work with cross-sectoral social change – working in all sectors we ensure that we adapt the way we measure our social impact for different sectors, thus our social impact methodology has three key chapters – impact policy, impact corporate and impact community
  • We acknowledge that impact is always both positive and negative – when measuring the social impact we take care not to just honk our own horn and present the positive impact we have had but also analyse the negative impact we might have and the missed opportunities – what we could have done better
  • We ensure we are thorough and we define impact In Focus – each year we choose, manage and measure one external impact challenge and one internal impact challenge, in other to stay focus and to continue our lifelong process of learning and being sensitive to the impact of key issues that surround us. We use internal impact focus to sensitize and think about a specific issue and then, throughout the year we experiment and test ways of integrating change in that field into our system.




Our contribution (%)


Final estimate

Impact Policy

Senior leadership

Who were the people we have worked with and how much do they impact the policy system? (+,- ,0)


How many decision makers did we impact? (no.)

Which policy area do they lead? (topical)

Regulatory framework

Did we impact major policy documents (strategies, policy papers, government decisions etc)? (+,-,0)



Did we impact the tools used by the organisation/government in the process (ie procedure, new methodologies, tools) (+,-,0)


Did we impact skills and knowledge of the team working on the policy (+,-,0)

Did we impact technology used by the policy team? (+,-,0)

Did we impact the budget available or potential for fundraising? (+,-,0)


Which stakeholders are impacted by the policies we worked on? (groups, no)


Did we impact user-centric policy design? (+,-,0)

Did we impact measuring policy impact and feed-back loop? (+,-,0)

SDGs impacted

Specific project/client SROI

Impact corporate (Impact house 5P methodology)

Impact management

Who were the people we have worked with and how much do they impact the corporation? (+,- ,0)


How many decision makers did we impact? (no.)

Which business area do they lead? (topical)

Impact product/service

How did we change the impact of the existing product/service


Impact process

How did he change the way decisions are made?


How did we impact structure/processes

How did we impact business culture

Impact people

How did we impact knowledge/skills of employees


How did we impact clients/buyers

Impact profit

How did we impact SROI


Impact PR

How did we impact the messages/images/framing that the corporation produces/promotes


SDGs impacted

Specific project/client SROI

Impact community


Do they feel more motivated/confident

Do they have concrete plans for continuing their work based on our inputs

Media coverage and public opinion/space gained

Are they leaders in their communities (having impact in the communities of their own)?

Did we provide long-term support


Did we impact knowledge in the identified fields

Did we impact skills in the identified fields?

Did we increase the community’s access to funds?

Did we provide new technology/knowledge about technology

Did we provide social capital by connecting with experts/decision-makers/organisations

Targeting need

Did we impact geographically underdeveloped regions?

Did we impact gender equality?

Did we impact socially marginalised?


SDGs impacted

Specific SROI/client/project infographics/stories