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Impact House Consulting is a social impact intelligence facility researching and consulting in the field of SDGs, ESG, CSR and social impact in general. We make policy, business and projects better by offering you over 20 years of team’s expertise in social impact mapping, analysis, management, measuring and evaluation as well as our own and unique methodology of social impact hacking – social innovation. On top of the work for our clients, we act as an impact investor and fund and develop in-house impact projects.








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How to Measure the Impact of Social Innovation

How to Measure the Impact of Social Innovation

Introduction As Impact House experts, we often wear various hats in the Impact revolution. From practitioners, scientists, mentors, and professors to consultants, we are often in the position to apply our knowledge and skills to different challenges in the field of...

Risk and resilience

Risk and resilience

Uvod U okviru istraživačkog projekta “The social resilience of the Croatian society in the midst and the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic” Instituta za društvena istraživanja u Zagrebu, Impact House i Akademija za politički razvoj proveli su policy lab. U sklopu...

Peace Love and Ice Cream

Peace Love and Ice Cream

Ben and Jerry’s Ice-Cream Impact and Justice First of all we must out ourselves as probably the ones responsible for more than 50% of clicks on Ben and Jerry’s  SEAR page. Every time we talk to a new client and they ask us in bewilderment “What do you mean impact...

From Our Clients

We see our clients as friends and teachers. Thank you.

“Impact House for me means business-as-unusual but in a positive way. They do not do stuff for the sake of doing stuff, creating reports and income but they do stuff for the sake of having an impact for concrete people or concrete cause/issue. They take social challenges seriously, treat them professionally and pragmatically yet creative, fast and reliable. They help you to find a different angle, open your mind and search for solutions with you, solutions that really mean something for the people. This is impact.”

Sandra Vlašić
Co-founder NGO TERRA HUB

“There is definitely something new and fresh here. Something new has to start with an open mindset. IHC has this and they are not at all ordinary. We need more people with visions like IHC. “

Marko Capek
Founder Initiative “Sustainable Life”

“Working with IHC was a great opportunity to combine the academic knowledge and social innovation in a creative research project on sustainable tourism – that has a real impact .”

Sven Marcelić
University of Zadar

“I love working with Impact House Consulting because all their activities are organised with a strong sense of purpose. They have a vision that we can change the society for the better, if only each of us makes a valuable contribution in our own field. Impact House has certainly made theirs. I am very much looking forward to working with them in the future!”

Monika Suknaic
British Embassy Zagreb


We use social impact mapping and analysis across your corporate processes, in search of the most efficient ways to create social impact. At the same time growing customer base and customer loyalty, revenue, and other key metrics important to you and your company.

Service that we offer to make your business better for everyone: business social impact analysis, recommendations, strategy and action plan integrated into business plans, setting up social impact measurement indicators and methodology, partnership building and government relations management, capacity building and training for staff, implementation and social impact management, communication and PR content building, measuring and feed-back loop recommendations.


We often forget that policy has the biggest social impact in our societies. As experts in open government, and holistic approach to making policy impactful, we make sure that policies are reexamined from a user-centric position while having a full understanding of the political, policy and budgetary framework of policy-making.

We offer: policy research and analysis, policy labs, strategy, action plan and international and national commitments mapping, open government expertise, good governance expertise and citizen-centric policy design, partnership building, and stakeholder and citizen engagement strategies and tools, as well public communications content, public servant workshops and education, indicators and measurement of policy impact.


Non for profit organisations are often at the frontier of making positive change and tasked with difficult challenges of providing what the rest of the society has not been able to provide on the ground.

We offer: social impact mapping, analysis, hacking and management as well as impact oriented project design, identification of relevance, designing of activities and building indicators for measuring both results and impact of actions and projects. We offer social impact external evaluation, EU funding expertise and social impact capacity building and workshops, working often pro bono with smaller NGOs and disadvantaged communities.

Innovating social impact – The Right Choice 

  • over 25 years of teams’ experience
  • a diverse team of experts 
  • award for Social Innovation by European Commission 
  • 2020 National Geographic Award for social impact
  • between 3.17 and 4.28 EUR social return on investment 
  • we practice what we preach in our leading Impact Business Culture
  • annual impact investment in focus for 2023 is professionalizing impact management

social return on investment measured for every 1 EUR invested in Impact House